The Wonders of the Etosha Pan

The Etosha pan is a vast, naturally open area. It spans around 120km long and 50km wide. (that’s 1,900 square miles for you Americans out there)

It is the largest salt pan in Africa and can be seen from satellites orbiting the earth. Once this great pan was actually a lake but changed into a salt pan due to the effects of unnatural climate change.

During the rainy season, the otherwise dry pan becomes a shallow lake.

Flamingo, Storks, African Spoonbills, Marabou Stork and many more of Namibia’s colourful wetland birds flock to this important source of water.

There is very little vegetation that grows in the pan except for some grass in the rainy season.

During the dry season, the salt pan becomes extremely dry and animals begin to roam over the salt pan or lie on the warm earth. With the vast open space, it is safe as predators can be seen from a long distance.

– By Solomon, a Mushara Lodge Safari Guide