How we stay Naturally Namibia

Businesses strengthen from relationships just the same as people do. Here at the Mushara Collection, we have learnt this through the connections we have made with fellow Namibian travel companies.

The people at “Naturally Namibia” are a perfect example. Their tour operator business provides an unmatched experience by focusing on the activities and luxuries offered by the private lodges of Namibia.

The Mushara Collection was chosen to join Naturally Namibia’s list of select lodges and has worked closely with their team ever since to provide unforgettable tour experiences.

We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Naturally Namibia by hosting the Namibian exhibition stand at the World Travel Market. The World Travel Market is a global event allowing travel industries to advance their businesses, conduct deals and meet like-minded industry professionals.


This was a wonderful opportunity to come together with the Naturally Namibia family and promote tourism in our wildlife paradise of a country. Besides, we are reaching that time of the year when the African sun shows its true face and the animals frolick in the new found warmth. This is the right time for touring.

To give this time of the year the recognition it deserves, Naturally Namibia teamed up with a few of the private lodges in its network (including us) to create the “Green Season Special”. Get 10% off selected lodges, flights and vehicle rentals while keeping your journey at 100% experience.

This is just to put a little back into your pocket. You are the cause of this after all. You, the adventurous traveller, allow us to keep our businesses going. We created our little sanctuary in the middle of the wild, Naturally Namibia found our slice of heaven and made it part of a journey, but only you can turn that into a memory for your grandchildren. Only you can make it an experience.

We thank you for that. It allows us to meet people like those from Naturally Namibia. It allows them to make collaborations with the people from other well-known travel companies such as and

All in all. We grow each day through the relationships we’ve made. Whether with fellow businesses or clients. It is what we take pride in.