Our Natural Approach to Taste

Here at the Mushara Lodge, we serve meals the original “Farm-to-table” style.

Mornings comprise of collecting eggs from the coops, and feeding the forever clucking hens and roosters. After collection, the eggs are brought to the kitchen and carefully washed. These mornings are always serene, as you may know if you have previously visited the lodge.

Our chickens are given freedom to roam and fed good ol’ natural grains. The owners son Lucca readies a chicken for cooking, before handing it over to the kitchen for later use in one of many succulent dishes.
There is nothing like farm-fresh food. Once you take the processing out of the process, it really shows on the taste buds.

We natural approach to food stems from Mushara’s natural approach to everything. We gain so much from nature through our senses. Here the sunset could c
alm anyone who glances at it. The sounds of the wilderness form melodies more soothing than any alarm clock. You can literally reach out and touch the beauty around you.

This place caters for touch, sight and smell. Now we can add taste to these sensations.