Mushara Outpost Reviewed

The staff reviewer from Fodor’s Travel Guides recently stayed at the Outpost and was duly impressed. She wrote, ‘My only difficulty here would be choosing whether to explore the Etosha National Park (only 8km away) or sip the day away while relaxing in the company of this soothing outpost lodge.’ She has posted her thoughts and photos online.

Fodor’s glowing review came hot on the heels of similar praise from Getaway Magazine, who rated the Outpost one of their Top 5 Luxury Lodges in Namibia last month. They wrote in their blog, ‘Mushara was one of my absolute favourite lodges due to its understated elegance and soft interior furnishings. Like something out of Livingstone’s times, the Mushara Outpost is complete with flowing linen curtains, characteristic paraffin lanterns and canvas tented rooms. The staff greet you with easy smiles and warm laughter…’ read more