Fine Cuisine At The Mushara Lodge

Truly fine cuisine encaptures individual flavours in moments of pure sensory bliss. There are some foods that just go perfectly together. Like a couple performing a passionate dance on your tastebuds, these foods entwine their flavours with an almost effortless beauty.

Sticky Apricot ChickenEach meal at the Mushara Lodge blends the sophistication of fine cuisine with influence from Namibia’s wild side. Our Head Chef uses local and international ingredients to craft cuisines that bring a perfect end to the day.

Pieces of Game are rubbed with Harrisa (a blend of spicy chilli peppers) and marinated until juicy before being cooked to perfection. These pieces are then threaded into a kebab and sided with a selection of greens and roast potatoes.

A tender chicken fillet from the free range chickens on our doorstep is baked after being coated in a sticky apricot jam marinade. The fillet is then placed on a bed of vegetables and finished off with crisp, seasoned potatoes and a fresh puree.

Hake with Red Wine Sauce

Dishes such as these give you the roots of African flavour with the elegance of a first class restaurant.

These fine creations didn’t happen in some fantastic kitchen-related cooking accident, but rather stems from the culinary teachings of Rhona Strauss.

Rhona has some ridiculous talent in the kitchen. She is the founder of The Taste Academy – a catering company in Namibia that sees food as a way to make delicious art. Rhona comes down to the lodge for 2-3 days each month and mentors the chefs in new ways to tantalise the tastebuds.

She agrees that a hearty, delicious meal is a necessity after a day of exploration. The food leaves you with a satisfied grin on your face as you stretch out in your chair and take a sip of your chardonnay. Bliss, my friend. This is pure bliss.

Bliss, my friend. This is pure bliss.