Etosha will morph once again

With the fires that have ravaged through parts of Etosha and the deceptive cumulus clouds not baring rain, the residence of Etosha are still enslaved to the waterholes, where for now the harsh yet interesting antiques of Africa are daily staged.

When the rains do however soak the blackened earth, the abundance of life that spouts is phenomenal. Fire is Africa’s way of incinerating the old to make room for the new, for within days of the first rains, the once scorched ground will be engulfed in succulent sprouting green shoots.
In a few weeks from now, Etosha will morph once again. Transforming from the dry harsh wilderness into a seemingly lush paradise. The green bush will be filled with new born animals, the pan will welcome the flocks of flamingoes and the water-holes will, for a time be dormant, as the stage is moved to alternative venues scattered around the park.