We’ve revamped the Villa Mushara – Who said you can’t safari in style?

When planning a safari, there are certain things everybody has on their list of ideals;

An African sunset melting over an endless horizon, a night sky scattered with stars untouched by city lights, getting up close and personal with the big cats that rule the wild.

One thing you may not see as a given is living in the total lap of luxury.

Our renovations to the Villa Mushara started with the intention of changing that.

Though the original interior decor was simply exquisite, we wanted to blend the beauty of the Namibian wilderness into the feel of the Villa.

The end result – a harmonic blend of African heritage and modern comfort.

As the villas sit right on the doorstep of the Etosha National park, these luxurious accommodations allow you to step out the door and into the home of the Big Five.

So add «absolute luxury» to your list of safari tour expectations, with the Mushara Lodge and Villa Mushara, it’s a definite given.