The Hunt

On the 27th of December, I was out with guests on an AM game drive and it was deadly quiet.

We drove up to Andoni waterhole, we witnessed beautiful landscapes, but no animals were seen besides for one bull elephant. Our guests did not mind and were enjoying the wonders of the vast natural grasslands.

There was time to show them the small things like a Leopard Tortoise crossing the road and some really beautiful birds.

I also explained to them how some of the trees in the Etosha pans were useful to human beings and animals.

But alas no lions or cheetahs were to be seen on this journey. We started back and drove slowly to the Lodge.

During the PM game drive, we drove to Klein Namutoni to see if we could see the impressive Kudu they were recently seen sunbathing at the waterhole.

We then continued towards Aroe waterhole. When we arrived I told the group to be patient because I knew something going to show up. Suddenly a bull elephant appeared! One of the guests looked at me and asked: “How did you know that elephant would come?”.

I explained that you gain a certain 6th sense from being in the wild.

Next, we headed to Namutoni area where we saw a Spotted Hyena moving toward heard of springbok.

The poor baby springbok started running and the hyena started chasing it.

The mother came quickly to help by trying to confuse the hyena but the hyena was too focused on the baby.

One of my guests exclaimed: “Why can’t the hyena go for the guinea fowl, he must leave the baby springbok!”. But it was too late. The hyena caught the baby springbok and a meal was prepared. We watched the hyena enjoy its catch before heading on to the next adventure.

– By Petrus, a Mushara Tour Guide