The Diving Elephants

The Etosha National Park is known for its abundance of wildlife, and no spots more so than the Klien Namutoni waterhole.

This thought excited me as I loaded up the tour truck and made sure the guests were comfortable.

It was one of those Namibian mornings where the giant sun was rising into the blue skies with an almost vain knowledge of its own stunning beauty. The tour truck had an air of excitement, the kind that makes me love this job.

As we arrived at Klien Namutoni, I knew this tour would be the highlight of the guest’s adventure through Namibia.

Ten giant African elephants were diving and playing in the waterhole, basking in the vain light of the sun.

Our guests were so happy to actually see some of the elephants completely submerged under the water with only a trunk sticking out of the water to breathe with. It was like a scene straight out of a Disney film.

As the guests happily snapped photographs and commented on the magnificent sight, the elephants sprayed water and splashed around in the shallows of the watering hole.

The elephants normally dive into the water to cool down their body temperature on hot days, but sometimes it’s just a way to have fun with the rest of the family. This, you could see, was purely for fun.

We were watching the elephants playing and diving in the water for more than two hours. This was truly beautiful and amazing to everyone at the waterhole who were fortunate enough to be there.  Especially our guests who were overwhelmed by this sighting.

There is truly nothing like being in the wild.

– Johannes Munale