Emelda, our Female Tour Guide

We received this personal bio from Emelda, our female tour guide at Etosha National Park:

I’m privileged and honoured to be one of the few female guides in the Etosha National Park.  To be offered an opportunity to work in a field dominated by men was a great inspiration.

My love for my job goes a long way back as I have always had a passion for the wild. I love what I am doing, it’s not my job it’s my life!! My love for the wild is generational, my grandmother  Agnes Hanes a Hai iihom grew up in the Etosha area and passed on her knowledge, in my perspective I’m an ambassador for this industry for my fellow female not excluding the males and our country as a whole. Tourists come to view all our landscapes, wild animals and such I deliver on every drive I go that motivates me even more.

Whenever I go home   I feel that a part of me has been taken away. When I come back, it’s like returning to the home of my heart. Etosha is the most beautiful place on the planet earth and I believe that we can either keep it that way or destroy it. Host with most beautiful cats like the Leopard’s, Cheetah’s, Lion’s and so on…..

I remember the words of my late father  “ do not return home a defeated  person. What a great future for Namibia with more female guides. Etosha is my big farm with lots of cattle…..

Here’s a message we received from the Lohmer Family, guests Emelda recently had, as well as a few photos from their trip:

Dear Emelda

We had a wunderful Gamedrive with you!  We have learned so much about the wildlife in Etosha and it was a really pleasure to have you as a female guide!!!! You showed us the secrets from Etosha! you are the best guide we can Imagine.

Thank you for all!!!