Meet the people behind the scenes. Their passion and dedication are the driving forces behind the Mushara Collection


Marc Pampe


Established: August 20...

Mariza Pampe


Established: August 20...

Management & Admin

Mika Shapwanale

General Manager

Joined: April 2016

Helena Ashaama

Operational Manageress

Joined: August 2006

Anna Eliakim


Joined: August 2011

Franziska Hanes

Mushara Lodge Assistant (Duty Manageress)

Joined: May 1998

Deon Bolleurs

Managing Director

Joined:  May 2017



Aina Shem

Mushara Lodge Housekeeper/Laundry Supervisor

Joined: June 2000

Bernadette Miilanda

Mushara Lodge Front Office/ Waitresses

Joined: April 2012

Elina Makili

Outpost Housekeeper Supervisor

Joined: June 2003

Germana Haikela Amwaala

Bush Camp Front office /Waitresses

Joined: July 2009

Haverinus Nakale

Mushara Bush Camp & Outpost Manager

Joined: November 2017 ...

Linda Shetu

Bush Camp Front office / Waitresses

Joined: July 2009

Maria Nanyanga

Outpost Front office /Waitresses

Joined: August 2015

Naeman Shikongo

Head Chef The Mushara Collection

Joined: April 2000