The Pampe family were cattle farmers in the eastern parts of Namibia. On the eastern side of Etosha they also owned a game farm which was not utilized on any commercial scale. The idea to build a lodge came up in September 1996. The farm’s close proximity to Etosha National Park was the main reason. Construction work started in May 1997 and one year later the lodge was ready for business. As Mushara Lodge became known more widely it gained popularity so rapidly that the decision to expand was a matter of course. Instead of adding on to the original Mushara Lodge and possibly losing its character, a second lodge was built during 2007 – Mushara Outpost opened in November that year. The latest addition is Mushara Bush Camp, constructed in 2009.

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Mushara Family

Marc and Mariza Pampe’s accommodation facilities are an oasis of hospitality on the doorstep of Etosha National Park, Namibia’s leading Big Game destination. The Mushara Collection is the only family-run accommodation business in Eastern Etosha and offers diverse facilities ranging from the stylish and child-friendly Bush Camp to the supreme luxury of the Villas. Everything that Marc and Mariza have achieved is infused with their passion for an excellent guest experience and the very highest standards of service.

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Mushara Philosophy

Mariza was involved with the lodges on a 24/7 hands-on basis until December 2009. Now she lives in Tsumeb during the week with our children Isabella and Lucca, because Isabella started school in January 2010. They spend weekends and holidays at Mushara while I am still involved on a 24/7 basis, as I stay here and take care of operations. We have developed an excellent team since the early days in May 1998. Some of the original staff members are still here – Franziska Hannes, Maria Kangoma, Auguste Gamgaes, Rosalia Nekwaya. From a staff of eight we have grown to seventy. Our aim was to get the Mushara Collection Team into a position where they can take care of the lodges’ day-to-day affairs. We feel that at this stage the team is in fact in the position to do so and we see this as our greatest success. The greatest asset of the Mushara Collection is the staff – they are the spirit!


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